Immigration Legal Services Program

In carrying out our mission of assisting low-income immigrants; survivors of violence, we created an Immigration Legal Services Program to provide professional immigration legal services to low-income foreign-born individuals and their families needing assistance with immigration matters. Contigo International offers immigration legal services with the U-visa, VAWA self-petition, as well as a few other legal matters such as the T-visa, SIJ Status, Adjustment of Status (on the basis of U or T nonimmigrant status or approved I-360 special immigrant applications), and DACA applications.  

It is our priority to empower this population by helping them obtain legal status in the United States. Such status will not only grant the possibility to work and study legally in the United States. It also secure protection from their abusers; in many cases it will grant family reunification; and more importantly, it will give them the opportunity to be greater contributors to the American society.

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